Consumption is imminent. We need to reduce how much we use.

Believe in good habits. It starts with individuals.
Nature will appreciate it.
We want a better world for our children. Delaying action will only make the problem worse. I am only asking you to change small aspects of your daily habits.

Our actions have catastrophic consequences, both good and bad.

Stop leaving the water on while brushing your teeth. This is a terrible way to waste water. Water is the most important commodity of the modern world. Lets treat it with respect.

It's all day, everyday.

After using the restroom, dry your hands with only one paper towel. We use the restroom multiple times on a daily basis. Let's make sure we're not using too many paper towels. There is no reason to use more than what is required.

Start today. Please don't wait.

Please refrain from throwing food away. Eat what you have bought. There are millions that go hungry, daily. The United States wastes tons of food each year. Let's do our best to reduce that amount.

I am not going to change the world. You're not going to change the world. But you can help. We can all help.

What now?
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